Request for Proposals:
Inaugural TGNC Wellness Workers’ Summit

The Problem:

We, the founders of the TGNC Wellness Workers’ Summit, are three trans people from Michigan, USA (Lansing, Ferndale, and Detroit) who came together in spring, 2020 to address the isolation we felt as trans-identified individuals providing emotional and mental health support (“wellness workers”). All three of us have felt underrepresented as care workers in a field that far too often resources well-meaning but ill-equipped cis professionals to serve our communitites at a profit, while members of our own trans and gender-expansive communities are undersupported as we work to build vocations in helping professions. We also recognize the gap of resources and support for members of our community who may provide emotional labor organically, without an official ‘title,’ yet are nonetheless vital to our community’s care.


Our Solution:

In response to the isolation we have experienced, we recognize our community’s collective strength to fill this gap together. We believe we can be our own leaders, supporters, and care networks. As such, the three of us envisioned a day-long summit in October, 2021, that was by-us, and for-us. This space will virtually bring together trans and gender expansive therapists, peer support workers, psychiatrists, crisis workers, and emotional wellness workers of all stripes, to teach and learn with one another. The summit will be pay-what-you-can, with all proceeds going directly towards future summits. This will be a space to network, rage, find community, and (if we’re approved) earn professional continuing education credits (CEUs). We hope that the Summit will foster an enriching space, and offer opportunities for participants to benefit from mutual support and learning opportunities. We envision the Summit as a starting point to fostering stronger intra-community support networks, which can continue long after the day is over.


We are seeking trans and gender-expansive folks working in the mental and emotional health and wellness field to submit:


  • 55-minute Experiential session proposals: Are you passionate about expressive interventions, dance, yoga, meditation, narrative / writing, or other hands-on self-care practices that participants can enjoy, learn from, and incorporate into their own routines after the conference ends? Pitch a session with a practical element!
  • 90-Minute Didactic workshop proposals: Do you absolutely love a specific therapy modality? Are you savvy about intentional peer support? How about integrating case management skills to navigate transphobic systems of care while supporting our community members in crisis? Toss out a topic!
  • 90-minute Caucus proposals: We’re looking for members of all manner of intersecting identity communities to facilitate closed spaces for our community members who face multiple axes of oppression, or who specialize in specific types of work, often unrecognized in the broader community. Do you want to build a space for practitioners of your racial/ethnic identity group to come together and build? Looking to strategize with fellow immigrants? A trans women practitioners’-only space, please? How about somewhere for peer-identified support staff to process? This is your time to shine!


* SPECIAL Call to Action! Are you experienced in obtaining CEU credentials in your field? Open to bringing this opportunity to participants at our summit? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch!

The Deets

  • The conference will be held over Zoom, Saturday, October 23, 2021, from 9 AM – 7:30 PM EST.
  • We’re excited to announce the Summit’s keynote speaker shortly!!
    • Members of our trans/gender expansive community, who are wellness workers specifically engaged in mental health and/or emotional care are welcomed!
    • We validate community labor within and beyond systems; with and without “titles.” This space is for all who are a part of our community and give labor back to our community, whether in the streets, grassroots, or with organizations.
  • Our Wellness Workers space is also for members of our community who provide wellness work to the general population and/or cisgender clients.
  • While we are removing financial barriers to offer this space to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, donations to the cost of future summits are a huge help, and we definitely appreciate you! All proceeds go directly towards event costs. If your session proposal is selected, you will have the option of receiving a $100 Visa gift card, or you can donate it to the Summit’s future!
  • If you propose a session, please submit by Sunday, Aug. 15th, 11:59 pm EST!

We Can’t wait to hear from you!